Once the student has been invited, the student is welcome to attend both the beginner classes as well as the intermediate/advanced class. The intermediate/advanced classes will vary each night. Please check the schedule for class specifics. This class is designed for students interested in advanced techniques for competition and self-defense. Students learn and practice advance sweeps, submissions, escapes and counters, how to reverse an attacker and how to force their opponent into submission. Detailed instruction in technique, specific drilling, and position advancement are the main focus of this class. Competition is encouraged, but not required.

Curt Cummings

In the advanced class we will be focusing on the entire spectrum of BJJ.   Our goal is to study all positions with the expectation of implementing them in a live roll.  This class will focus on advanced blue belts through black belt.  We will also have a focus on the BJJ tournament scene.  This does not mean everyone is expected to compete, however we do have many competitors and aim to get them ready to compete at a high level with the help of the entire team.  Our goal is to focus on the invisible Jiu jitsu that is the essence of why moves and positions succeed or fail.

Class Schedule

All levels of experience are welcome at any class. The most important thing to advance your BJJ skills and knowledge is time on the mat. As your mat fitness improves we encourage everyone to come as often as their schedule permits. 

Open mat time will be scheduled in the near future. But if you ever need more time to roll just let one of our instructors know and we can arrange to have someone there for you.

Try a class

We are extremely proud of our Aqueous BJJ program. The knowledge our instructors have is on par with some of the top BJJ gyms in the nation. The best way to see if Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is right for you is by trying a few class. We can't wait to see you here.