We are extremely honored and excited to have Zebra be a sponsor of our gym. I knew from the moment I started planning to open a gym that I needed to figure out a way to get the best mats in the world which are of coarse Zebra mats. By far this will be the biggest expense when opening a top level gym but so many gyms do not invest in quality mats and suffer for it.  I was not going to make this mistake.

When I went to the IBJJF Boston Open I ran into Sandy McCune at the Zebra booth. After talk several times throughout the day she saw the vision we wanted for the gym and I know she was going to make sure we got Zebra as the foundation of our gym. There were a lot of details to work out in a short amount of time but thanks to Sandy and Calvin Pupkes we were able to secure the tournament mats. 

We are proud that our members will be able to train on the best mats in the world. We are excited that Zebra believes in our vision so much that they are now the official mat sponsor of Aqueous. We want to thank the entire team at Zebra for entrusting us with your mats, your brand and most importantly your reputation.  

Come check out the Aqueous gym and see why the world champions train on Zebra Mats.