Little Warriors

Our goal is to discover what each individual child needs to develop in bjj and in life.   We truly believe that everyone has a right to have their own journey through the sport of bjj.  This is not "our" program that your son or daughter needs to follow. Together, we will develop a set of objectives that will benefit each student the most.  We use bjj and its principles to help your child find what they need to develop physically and mentally.  Whether the student finds an interest in being the next bjj world champion, or uses bjj to simply become more confident in themselves, we will be happy to develop all these skills with each student in the best way we can.

Little Warriors in Action

Lets start Rolling

We are extremely proud of our Little Warriors program. It is unlike any other youth program in southern New Hampshire. The best way to learn more about what Little Warriors has to offer is by attending and participating in a few of our classes.