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Going to fitness class with Greg West is one of the best hours of my week. His kind encouragement, consistent expectations, and willingness to accommodate my fitness needs, has me feeling stronger than I have in years. I leave class each time feeling more confident and like the best version of myself. As someone who has been away from exercise class for a long time, this is exactly what I was looking for!
— Katie Women's Fitness Class
Greg was very attentive to what I could do and helped walk me through each exercise. I liked how he encouraged, while still being motivating to push me through! He was amazing and I enjoyed the class!
— Michelle Women's Fitness Class
Greg West is an excellent trainer! He is the perfect combination of tough (“Push it Chelsea!) and encouraging (“You’re killing it!) and he works with the whole person (mentally, emotionally, physically). Because of his efforts I am stronger both mentally and physically, and most importantly he has created an environment for women to work out together. I highly recommend Greg’s women’s fitness class to all women!
— Chelsea Women's Fitness Class
The Little Warriors program led by Greg has given my daughter confidence and fitness all in a fun and safe environment. He encourages the children to do what is comfortable for them but also challenges them to work to their potential. I am proud to say my daughter has earned her first stripe through the teaching of Greg West and the Little Warriors Program.
— Chelsea Little Warriors Class
I like it because I like the moves. I like coach as a teacher because he teaches and he has fun play stuff at this gym like the rope and slack line. He always gives me a high five and says bingo and that makes me happy. At the end we always get to do fun stuff. I would tell all my friends to do jiu jitsu.
— Sienna (4 year old) Little Warriors Class
My 6 year old daughter has been in Coach Greg’s BJJ class since its inception. Although she is usually a cautious hesitant girl, Coach Greg saw the potential in her and through his positive energy and constant reassurance; Madelyn now begs to go to class each week. She has developed into a more confident and courageous little girl She looks forward to the “hard work” and seeing all of her new friends. Coach Greg has an amazing way of focusing on the strengths of every child and building on them to inspire confidence and improve self-esteem. Coach Greg is the Pied Piper of children’s jiu jitsu; the children flock to him to learn new techniques and maneuvers through fun and engaging activities. They feel so proud of themselves when Coach Greg recognizes them individually for the progress or skill they have mastered. I would recommend this program to all children as it provides not only an avenue for exercise and overall well-being but also the tools needed to be successful in life.
— Caroline Little Warriors Class